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Desulfurizer Activated Carbon


Product Process of Desulfurizer Activated carbon:

Desulfurizer activated carbon is a kind of microcrystalline carbon materials that the appearance of a sulfur-containing material brownish yellow, odorless, no-toxic, developed internal pore structure, large specific surface area and strong adsorption properties, is a common adsorbent.

The Desulfurizer Activated carbon Performance:

1.Large specific surface area, high adsorption.
2.Good strength.
3.Few ash contain of impurities. In order to endure hat the chemical reaction catalytic is carried out smoothly, to try to reduce the content of carbon in the ash, metal ions and other kinds of impurities content. Improve the pore utilization of activated carbon.

Application of Desulfurizer Activated carbon:

Desulfurizer activated carbon is widely used in biogas, liquefied gas and other gas sources, the removal of hydrogen sulfide and a part of organic sulfur fine. Desulfurizer Activated carbon Use easy to operate, high degree of purification, bed resistance, well-adapted, speed, large and high hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur. Desulfurizer Activated carbon is a new gas catalytic, can keep large activity and capacity at room temperature, under the atmospheric pressure.

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