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Activated Alumina


CAS No.: 1302-74-5
Activated Alumina Molecular Formula: Al2O3nH2O
Available Sizes: 2mm-4mm, 3mm-5mm, 4mm-6mm, 5mm-7mm.

Description of Activated Alumina:

Activated alumina is white beads, uniform granularity, smooth surface, large mechanical strength.
Activated alumina has a large capacity of absorption, high surface area, high strength and thermal stability. Activated alumina can be widely used as an absorbent, desiccant and catalyst carrier in chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, oil and gas industries.

Application of  Activated Alumina:

Activated alumina is widely used in gaseous and liquidoid desiccation in petrochemical industry.In addition, Activated alumina is also widely applied as instrument wind in texitile, oxygen-making and automation industry.

The Activated Alumina Feture:

1. Fine thermal shock stabilities.
2. Strong oxidation and slag resistance.
3. Large heat storage volume.
4. High strength      
5. Easy to change and clean.
6. Use repeatly for many times.

The Activated Alumina Specification:




Pore Volume

Specific Surface Area

Crush Strengt

volume weight

wear rate

Activated alumina








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