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Fiber Ball Filter



Description of Fiber ball filter media :

Fiber ball filter media is made from the fiber ligation.Fiber ball filter media  is very different from traditional steel pellet ,as fiber ball filter media has good elastic effect ,big porosity,long work cycle,water head loss small and so on .
Fiber ball filter media has  feature stable chemical property, high temperature resistance, long service life, the fiber ball filter meida has wide applications, large specific surface area,high void fraction, strong intercepting ability, low backwash strength, effective regeneration and short generation time of filter medium.
The fiber ball filter  fits for direct filtration after dealing with the biological treatment of various industry wastewater, wastewater reuse,
pre-treatment of deep treatment, industrial water and circulation water of swimming pool.

Physical indicators of  Fiber ball filter meida :

intensity hydroscopicity
Relatively wet strength specific gravity thermal performance Resistance to the sun acid resistance alkali resistance
Twice as high than cotton
Three times higher than wool
100% 60-70Kg/m3 softening point:
fusing point:
No effect on strength
No effect on strength

 Main technical performance of Fiber ball filter media

Performance of the project index performance Specific Indicators
processing capacity 8-210m3/h Gas flushing strength 3m3/min.m2
filtration velocity 20-50m3/h Water rinse intensity 0.6m3/min.m2
head loss 3-10m Wash over 10-20min
work cycle 8-24h Rinse water than 3%
Suspended solids removal rate 85-96% Amount of sewage 5-26kg/m3
colating Inflow SS<100mg/1 effluent≤5-10mg/110 Particle removal rate>95%
refined filtration Inflow SS<20mg/1 effluent≤2mg/15 Particle removal rate>96%


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