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Fiber Bundle Packing


Description of Fiber bundle packing:

The fiber bundle packing is a new type of filter media. The Fiber bundle packing adopt high quality acrylic and polyester yarn as raw materials, Fiber bundle packing using material itself by the surface cleave amounts of biological group and oxygen filling, and sewage, make easy contact repeatedly tiny suspended solids precipitation remove the interception and organic matter degradation and to purify goals. The Fiber bundle packing is commonly used to filter the depth of water treatment filler.

the advantages of The Fiber bundle packing:

1.The fiber bundle packing has good elasticity, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant,
2.high spicific surface, filter speed high , small filtration resistance
3.good at waste interception, removal rate of organic corrupt capability is strong,
4. Long service life, Easy to revive and automate
5. has enough chemical stability, water without harmful ingredients stripping,
6. high strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance,

The physical and chemical indicators of Fiber bundle packing


Bundle shape

Porosity rate


Fiber diameter

20-50 um

Filtering velocity


Fiber length

15-25 mm

Mud interception

8 kg/m3

Thick bundle

100-150 mm

Surface area

3500 m2/m3

Bundle length

Custom made over 1 meter

Packing density

50-70 kg/m3


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