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Quartz Sand Filter Material


The quartz sand filter material Description:

The quartz sand filter material uses natural quartz ore as raw material,and is produced through the process of crushing, washing, screening.
The quartz is the most widely used and maximum water purification material in water treatment industry at present. Quartz sand filter material is a kind of silicate mineral, which is hardness, wear-resisting and stable in chemical properties. The quartz sand filter material main mineral composition is Sio2, and the color is oyster white or colorless translucent.
Because the quartz sand has no impurity, good resistant compression, wear-resisting, high mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, strong sewage capability, high economic benefits, long life cycle, so the quartz sand mainly used for rare earth ceramic sand thermal power, chemical petroleum, metallurgy, coal, electroplating, printing and dyeing industry waste water, waste gas purification, drainage of purifying water treatment.


Advantages of The quartz sand filter material:

1. White crystaline without impurity.
2. Stable chemical performance and long life
3. High mechanical strength and wear resistance.
4. Large contaminant capture and good cost effective


Commom size:

0.5-1.0mm 0.6-1.2mm 0.8-1.6mm 1.0-2.0mm 2.0-4.0mm 4.0-8.0mm 8.0-16mm 16-32mm

Quartz sand filter material physiochemical index:

Analysis of project 

Test data

Analysis of project

Test data



Mok's hardness

7.5 degrees

Breaking rate

Less than0.35%



Wear rate

Less than0.3%

Pile of density




Hydrochloric acid soluble rate


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