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Molecular Sieve Filter Material 


Description of Molecular Sieve Filter Material:

A molecular sieve is a micro-porous aluminosilicate crystals with very small holes of precise and uniform size.According to the crystals the size of the internal cavity and adsorption or reject molecules of different material, thus is called "molecular sieve".

According to the molecular size and shape of the adsorption of the different options, that is, only those smaller than the adsorption pore size molecular sieve. For small polar molecules and unsaturated molecules with selective adsorption properties, the greater the polarity, the higher degree of unsaturation, the stronger of the selective absorption.


Molecular Sieve Application:

Molecular sieve 3A  is mainly applied to absorb water molecular in drying natural gas and oil gases, especially in drying Catalystic Splitting Decomposition Oil gases and Alkene. So it is usually used as fine drying agent in medicine, food, glass industry and so on.

Molecular sieve 4A   is mainly used to make static dehydration in airtight gas or liquid system, it can remove the moleculars of ethyl alcohol, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, acrylica, and also dry the alkane.

Molecular sieve 5A i s mainly applied to separate isomerism alkane. Meanwhile, it can also absorb the moleculars which can pass through in 3A and 4A molecular sieve and whose diameters are less than five angstrom. Especially the result is very evident in the changing pressure absorption system.


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