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Ion Exchange Resins


Ion Exchange Resins:
CAS No.:9002-23-7

Description of Ion exchange resins:
Ion exchange resins can be broadly classified as strong or weak acid cation exchangers or strong or weak base anion exchangers.There are two general types of ion exchange resins: those that exchange positive ions, called cation exchange resins, and those that exchange negative ions,called anion exchange resins.

Type of Ion exchange resins:
A cation exchange resins is an ion with a positive charge. Common cations include Ca+2, Mg+2, Fe+2, and H+1.A anion exchange resins is one that exchanges positive ions. An anion is an ion with a negative charge.

Application of Ion exchange resins:
Ion exchange resins are polymers that are capable of exchanging particular ions within the polymer with ions in a solution that is passed through them. In water purification the aim is usually either to soften the water or to remove the mineral content altogether. Ion exchange resins are classified as cation exchangers, which have positively charged mobile ions available for exchange, and anion exchangers, whose exchangeable ions are negatively charged.

We offer Water Treatment Ion exchange resinswhich is used to remove natural organic material in water treatment. This process involves ion exchange method using resins which is macro sized and porous in nature. These Ion exchange resinsare made of synthetic organic materials consisting of exchangeable ions. After the exhaustion of resin capacity,
resins can be regenerated for reuse.


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