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Anion Exchange Resin


Product Description of anion exchange resin :

Anion exchange resin has a higher exchange capacity and effective regeneration, chemical stability and thermal stability.
Anion exchange resin is equivalent to Germany Lewatit M 504MB.

Structural Formula of Anion exchange resin :


Application of Anion exchange resin :

Anion exchange resin is application to pure water, high pure water preparation, syrup decolorizing, the pharmaceutical production etc.
The Anion exchange resin User Guide Index:

1. The Anion exchange resin PH range: 0-14
2. Maximum allowable temperature (°C):
3. Swelling (%): (Cl一OH)≤25-28
4. Industrial Anion exchange resin  layer height (m): 1.0-3.0
5. The Anion exchange resin Regenerative liquid concentration (%):
    NaOH:  4-5
6. Regenerative liquid Dosage (kg/m3, by 100%):
    NaOH (industrial):  40- 80
7. Regenerative liquid fluid velocity (m/h): 4-6
8. Regeneration contact time (min): 30-60
9. Washing velocity (m/h): 15-25
10. Washing time (min): 25
11. Operating velocity (m/h): 15-25
12. The Anion exchange resin Working exchange capacity, wet resin (mmo1/1):  ≥500
Appearance of Anion exchange resin :
 The Anion exchange resin is light yellow
transparent spherical particles.

Type: Cl

Performance Index of Anion exchange resin  : 

Water Content (%)
53 - 63
Mass Exchange Capacity mmol / g
Wet True Density g/ml (20 °C)
1.04 - 1.08
In Wet Density  (g / ml)
0.766 - 0.73
Size %
(0.315-1.25mm) ≥95
Sphere Rate After Abrasion (%)
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