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Cation Exchange Resin


 Description of  cation exchange resin:
Strong acid styrene cation exchange resin is Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer with a sulfo radical. Strong acid styrene cation exchange resin has the feature of high exchange capacity, fast exchanging speed, and good mechanical strength.
Strong acid styrene cation exchange resin is equivalent to America Amberlite IR-120, Dowex-50, Germany Lewatit-100, and Japan DisionSK-1.

The  cation exchange resin Structural Formula:

Application of Cation Exchange Resin:
Strong acid styrene cation exchange resin is mainly used for water softening, desalted water, pure water and high purity water
preparation, The  cation exchange resin also used for catalyst and dehydrating agent and wet metallurgy, purification of rare element, pharmaceutical, sugar industry, etc. Cation Exchange Resin is popular in water treatment .

User Guide Index:
1. The  cation exchange resin PH range: 0-14
2. Maximum allowable temperature (°C):
    Sodium type ≤120
    Hydrogen ≤100
3. Swelling (%): (Na一H)≤10
4. Industrial resin layer height (m): 1.0-3.0
5. Regenerative liquid concentration (%):
     NaCl:  4-10
     HCl:   2-5
     H2SO4:  1-2, 2-4
6. Regenerative liquid Dosage (kg/m3, by 100%):
    NaCl (industrial):  75-150
    HCl (industrial):   40- 100
    H2SO4 (industrial):  75-150
7. Regenerative liquid fluid velocity (m/h): 5-8
8. Regeneration contact time (min): 30-60
9. Washing velocity (m/h): 10-20
10. Washing time (min): 30
11. Operating velocity (m/h): 10-40
12. Working exchange capacity, wet resin (mmo1/1):
      NaCl ≥1000
      HCl ≥1500
Appearance of Cation Exchange Resin : 
The  cation exchange resin is Golden to brown spherical particles.


Performance Index of  cation exchange resin: 

Water Content (%)
45 - 53
Mass Exchange Capacity mmol / g
Wet True Density g/ml (20 °C)
1.24 - 1.28
In Wet Density  (g / ml)
0.77 - 0.87
Size %
(0.315-1.25mm) ≥95
Sphere Rate After Abrasion (%)
Volume Exchange Capacity mmol/ml

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