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No matter nonionic, cationic, or anionic polyacrylamide, they are both white powder or graule. According to their appearances, it is not easy to distinguish their types. So, how to distinguish the ionic types of PAM?
1. Test the PH value
Different ionic types of polyacrylamide, their PH value is different. Testing the pH value of polyacrylamide solution can identify the ionic type. However, because the different manufacturers may have different production process, there will be a slight deviation. The result is not 100 percent correct.
2. Mix the different polyacrylamide
If you Often contact with polyacrylamide, you will know anionic and cationic PAM can't be mixed. If they are mixed, it will produce white flocks. This method is used for us to distinguish if they are the same ionic tye.
3. Test the sewage
The classification of polyacrylamide can be determined by the adaptability of different polyacrylamide in sewage.
Generally, anionic polyacrylamide is used for high concentration, positive suspended suspended matter, and PH value is neutral or alkaline.
Cationic polyacrylamide is used for suspended solids with negative charges.
Non-ionic polyacrylamide is suitable for suspension of organic, inorganic mixed state, and PH is neutral or acidic.
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