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Coconut shell activated carbon structure is generally not very regular arrangement

The structure of graphite and coconut shell activated carbon is similar to that of microcrystalline lamellar structure, but the structure of coconut shell activated carbon as graphite as completely regular arrangement, according to the X ray data, generally there are two types, one is the basic structure of microcrystalline graphite like crystallite, the carbon atoms in a hexagonal arrangement form lamellar body, but the lamellar body parallel to the vertical axis common incomplete orientation, a layer of a layer of angular displacement disorder, each layer did not rule overlap with each other, which is associated with graphite in different places, therefore, this arrangement is also called turbulentstructure. Depending on the size of the carbide ceramics with the increasing of temperature, temperature, crystallite increased, generally high Is about 9 a 12 A, width (diameter) of about 20~23. About a basic crystallite by three parallel graphene sheet body, its diameter is about 9 times the width of the ring angle of six. Second is the six corners of the disordered structure, carbon ring to form a three-dimensional structure even, this is caused by by the displacement of the graphite layers body. This structure might contain heteroatoms such as caused due to the presence of oxygen atoms become unstable. In short the coconut shell activated carbon and activated basic microcrystalline structure with the raw material conditions vary. Coal, coconut shell activated carbon crystallite structure near the graphite structure, does not belong to the disordered structure.

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